2021 BYD T3

Max Power:



The BYD T3 is a pure electronics logistics vehicle with low energy consumption & high performance.


Affordable Quiet & comfortable
Pure electric drive Tough & reliable
Big cost savings Low maintenance
Powerful electric motor Long range (~300km)
Automatic shift Environmentally friendly


T3 – The All-Rounder

The BYD T3 is a pure electric logistics vehicle with low energy consumption and high performance. Its pure electric drive, powerful electric motor, and automatic shift make it easy to operate and maintain.

Powered by BYD’s blade battery, this silent-running vehicle produces zero emissions and features up to 300km driving range on a single charge. The 40kW DC charger allows charging from 0-100% SOC near 1.3 hours. The 6.6kW AC charger allows flexible ways to plug with different charging facilities. With a 3.8m³ cargo space and 0.7 ton payload, the BYD T3 meets the transportation needs of most urban logistics systems.



  • Blade battery
  • Electric motor control
  • Regenerative brakes
  • Keyless entry & start
  • Sliding doors on both sides
  • Pure electric drive
  • Large cargo space
  • AC & DC charging
  • and more…

More Savings. More Benefits.

  • Fuel
    Eliminate usual service cost associated with diesel, CNG, and hybrid alternatives.
    $4,700 annual savings assuming 160km per day and 6 days per week.
  • Maintenance
    Lower maintenance on propulsion system, fewer fluids to change, less brake wear, ad fewer moving parts.
    $2,800 annual savings assuming 160km per day and 6 days per week.
  • Long Range
    BYD’s breakthrough battery technology enables 300km of range.
  • Eco-friendly
    Zero emission. Our BYD Blade Battery chemistry contains no heavy metals and the electrolyte is non-toxic.
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New Blade Battery Technology

Comfortable interior

Zero emission BYD T3 – big cost savings